Summer Internship 2021: Week 1

“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely [big city] world” — Bon Jovi

This summer, I am finally losing the title of a small town girl and taking whatever I can fit in my tiny apartment to move to Washington D.C. After being here for a week, I’m still in shock that I did it. I’ve been dreaming of this “new life” since I knew I wanted to pursue a career in news. I thought I would have to wait till I was 30 to even have a job in the political newsroom.

I have the pleasure to intern with Hearst Television’s Washington News Bureau this summer. My responsibility is to contribute to everything in the newsroom. This station is the best of both worlds; we as a team produce political news packages for nearly 40 local TV stations across the country. In just a single week, I’ve been working with Twitter famous reporters and my work has been sent out coast to coast.

This past week I have been filling the role the newly open role of a production assistant for the evening shows. My days start off with a pitch meeting where we assign stories to other reporters. Immediately afterwards, I juggle researching the story, bookings and creating the schedule with other stations for the evening shows. Never more in my life have I enjoyed doing research; unlike school I get to study Senate and White House Press briefings. I’ve learned that everything moves fast in D.C., especially in the newsroom. Despite the struggles of learning a new culture in the workplace and environment, now I’m confident that this is the place for me.



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